She looks amazing, actually.
Annika Wedding Photos
By Kickntrue on 1/11/09
It's not "Anna" as in Rawson, but it starts pretty close. Here are a few photos from Annika Sorenstam's wedding.

Since she's no longer "playing" I don't really understand why these were made public. She doesn't really have an image she needs to keep anymore. It was a private ceremony with 125 guests. She looks great- and I'm happy if she's happy- I'm just surprised she bothered to share with SI.

Annika Slideshow

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golfgirl says:
Don't be naive my dear.

Annika still has plenty to sell. She's retiring (for now) from PLAYING professional golf, but she's by no means retiring from business. She's designing courses, she owns a golf academy, she's doing fitness videos and developing a perfume...I've even heard she's interested in creating her own wine label. So she has every reason to share her photos with SI. And other publication. These days getting ones message out there is more important than ever.
Kickntrue says:
Well, "not playing" seems to be doing wonder for Annika. I can't believe those pictures are of her. She looks like an entirely different woman.
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