oob handicaps will count!
Save The Date- August 31- Sept 4
By Kickntrue on 1/12/09
The World Am Handicap Championship will be held in Myrtle Beach from August 31-September 4. It's 4 days of championship golf and we want to meet you there! Kevin and I will be playing and hope as many of you as possible can join us. We're trying to give you as much advanced warning as possible so talk to the families and plan a Myrtle Beach vacation. While they're at the beach- we'll be golfing and having a great time.

Many more details to come- but for all of you who have asked for a chance to meet us, and play with us- this is it!

Save The Dates

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klaymon says:
This will be my first year. I'm looking forward to the competition and 4 straight days of golf.
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