Adam and Kate.
Adam Scott & Kate Hudson
By Kickntrue on 1/13/09
Actress Kate Hudson has been spending a lot of time with golfer Adam Scott. Canoodle, Canoodle, Kiss, Kiss.

Frankly, I think Scott could do better.

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Matt F says:
This was in a paper from back home yesterday.

Kickntrue says:
Uh Oh. Let's consult TMZ... Looks like K-Hud is hitting up the sports celebs. Here is a post from yesterday about her going on a date with A-Rod-
Kickntrue says: - more for the Adam Scott side.
Kickntrue says:
I didn't realize this would be such big gossip on non-sports sites. Is she even that famous?

His description of Scott is funny, "Kate Hudson is in Maui this week with a mysterious Aussie hunk. And by "mysterious", I mean, "he has a name, and it was on Fame, but I forgot to write it down". And by "forgot", I mean, "didnGÇÖt bother to". Does it really matter?"
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