Maybe it works better than it looks!
Nike's new Sasquatch looks like Sasqucrap!
By Kickntrue on 12/19/06
Check out Nike's new Sasquatch for '07. Called The Sumo, it is a sqaure 460cc driver head, 9 times bigger than the origional Big Bertha. The beauty of the club is that it takes all skill out of hitting the ball- in fact, the club face is large enough to hit 3 balls at the same time. Now you can take your provisional at the same time as your tee shot to save some time.

While the Sumo really is quite a display of uglyness, Nike is not alone in their efforts to move to the square clubhead. Callaway Golf is also putting one on the market for '07.

The square clubhead is supposed to help your hit the ball straighter, but since I am no engineer- I don't know how it works. You can visit Nike and Callaway's golf sites to help you figure it out.

Check out Nike here.
Check out Callaway here.

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klangdon says:
I like how they paint a black half circle on the top of the head. That way when you are looking at it from above it gives the illusion of looking normal.

4 and 3/4 inches across the club face, thats big...
killerbee5 says:
We've all heard the comment "hit a house" now they've made a club as big as one! That thing is huge!
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