Geoff Ogilvy Wants To Win
By Kickntrue on 1/13/09
Duh- right? I just spoke very briefly with Geoff and asked about the feeling of winning on Tour.

My question- In regards to the feeling of winning on the PGA Tour; would you rather win 2 times a year or finish every start for the entire year in the top 10?

Geoff- "I measure it both ways actually. Obviously winning is what we're here to do. If you gave me a choice of those two, I'd take the two wins and the rest up and down for sure.
I've had a few six and seven top-10 years. They're very satisfying years because you sit down at the end of the year and say, I was there quite a lot of times. If you're having top 10s, you've been with a shout to win tournaments quite a lot of times.

I measure myself both ways. You'd love to do both obviously. But if you gave me the choice, it would be the wins for sure."

Interesting. From a money perspective as well as golf rankings perspective you'd think a season of top 10's would be a lot better. There is almost no way you could finish in the top 10 in every event without leading the FedExCup Race which gets you $10M.

I think you have to have a killer mentality to be a pro. To these guys being 2nd place really is just the 1st loser.

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klangdon says:
Geoff is probably in a place where he doesn't need to worry about money. I wonder how someone a lot further down the money list would answer the same question.
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