Can A Mouthpiece Help Performance
By Kickntrue on 1/19/09
A $2000 mouthpiece made to stop headaches is being worn by athletes including golfers to help performance. Avid baseball fans may quickly recognize the mouthwear that Manny Ramirez wears but others are getting into the act including PGA Tour pros Scott McCarron and Steve Elkington.
The customized mouthguard was developed by Dr. Anil Makkar, who designed the device for a fisherman who was suffering from extreme headaches. According to this archived story from the READING EAGLE, Makkar was inspired to broaden the scope of his deviceGÇÖs use when the fisherman came back reporting increased strength when lifting lobster traps while using the mouthguard. Naturally, that got Makkar thinking, and after tweaking the device, he started pushing the Pure Power Mouthguard on athletes.
Seems a little weird, but who am I to argue? Even if it helps you feel better, I guess it's worth it- though I think it's fair for us to laugh everytime we find a picture of Elkington or McCarron wearing the mouthpeice on the course.

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klangdon says:
Is there any science behind this? I wonder if the golfers are being paid to wear it.
Michael Bixby4798 says:
There is over 40 years worth of research in Neuromuscular Dentistry behind it. There have been studies that show that balance and posture are significantly improved in this bite position. As I am sure you are aware, balance is extremely important in golf. Rutgers University recently released a study that showed a significant increase in peak power output. This should translate to higher clubhead speed.
Lastly, The golfers are not paid to wear it. They have paid full price to wear it.
Hope this helps
Dr. Michael Bixby
Little Silver, NJ
PPM Certified Dentist
Kickntrue says:
Oooh- BURN!
HotBacon says:
Being a golfer, an ice hockey player, as well as a weightlifter, I'd be open to being fitted for this mouthpiece and reporting back on the results. I won't even charge for my time :).

I read the original article in the Reading Eagle and was very impressed. Unfortunately, the price tag will keep me from picking one up in the near future.
Rpoole11 says:
I think I'd be better off spending the two grand on some lessons.
falcon50driver says:
How about a device to put between your toes to significantly improve your stance.
golfray says:
Anna says it helps her balance when she gets one of those pesky bunker shots wearing stiletto heels.
iluv5pam says:
that's funny. i seem to hit better shots with a cigarette in my mouth. perhaps that is a cheaper alternative =)
DA-Bucks says:
^I agree with the lessons comment!
Michael Bixby says:
No matter how balanced and strong you become, it does not take the place of proper fundamentals and training. The PPM is a tool to help athletes and golfers perform more efficiently. I agree, get lesson first.
Dr. Michael Bixby
Little Silver, NJ
PPM Certified Dentist
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