Why Do They Think We Have Money?
By Kickntrue on 1/22/09
California wants to tax golfers to help the economy. Barack Obama has no love either- saying stimulus money can't be used to help golf.

Let's start in California where Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a new tax of 1.5 cents on every dollar spent on golf fees. Opponents are miffed as to why golf was singled out as a single recreation activity to be targeted. Those who are against the new tax (which includes oobgolf users based on the emails I've received) have started a website to show their disdain. The website includes a calculator where you enter how many rounds of golf you play per year and it tells you how much you're going to lose with this new tax.

New Tax

Furthermore President Barack Obama has started to reveal his stimulus plan for America and golf is in the mix.
But what is really entertainingly odd about the stimulus bill is that it prohibits certain projects. The money can't be spent on casinos, swimming pools, golf courses, aquariums or zoos. The golf course prohibition seems particularly obnoxious. Millions of Americans really like playing golf, and we'd guess that golfers tend to contribute a disproportionate percentage of the tax base from which the stimulus money will be drawn. Maybe the Obama administration doesn't think we can afford having productive Americans wasting their time playing golf.
I think the interesting question/point here is lawmakers obviously think golfers have more money than the average citizen. While this may be true across the board with ultra rich country clubber bringing up the average annual income, it is the muni-golfers who are going to be punished. I think most who play golf do it like anyone else has a hobby and they aren't really any "richer" than a regular Joe.

Obama's Stimulus Plan

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JWHpurist says:
This is typical " New Age Yuppie Non Think"! Let "Arnold" charge Golds Gym and all the other "Bodybuilding Parlors" that percentage and the revenue will be greater!! Why hurt the growth of the sport that generates more charitable contributions than any other sport and saves Taxpayers $. Golf is the cleanest and most worthwhile sport in this country! Young people who take it up develop to be worthwhile, considerate, responsible, people, with identity and resistance to drug use. A tax would impair the abilities of many families to use this positive activity for worthwhile family development! I have been at this game for over 50 years, love it, and it has made me and my life much better. "Golf is also Green". If you got the "Guts", tell me I'am wrong!! JWHpurist
juppgolf says:
Pres. Obama's restrictions are making perfectly sense; yet not encouraged and reaching out enough.
The stimulus package money is "taken" from all Americans by increasing our debts per capita. The money must go to projects that create value and are investments that pay off - such as education, science, high-tech, etc..
Casinos, swimming pools - and golf - are very wonderful things; but we don't need to play on the public's dime.

If you want so: JWHpurist, you're wrong! - and let's be honest: a 1.5% price adder will not at all prevent many families from their golf activities.

Golf does neither need stimulus package money - nor would a tax of 1.5% on the fees seriously impair anything. We should have the "Guts" to acknolwedge that.
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