Getting The Shaft
By Kickntrue on 1/22/09
How much difference is there between a $100 shaft and a $500 shaft? Is that where we should be investing our golf equipment money?
After many years of experimentation, we have arrived at a club length (approximately 44.75 inches for the average tour player) and flex properties that we find in standard clubs. The right flex is crucial, of course, but most players don't need to worry about more than that.
Fair enough. I'd hate to think that $400 bucks mattered. - Frank Thomas

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falcon50driver says:
Back when I was racing, the engine builders told me "Speed costs Money, How fast do you want to go?" I think I see a correlation here.
Eric Duquene says:
Interesting. Just a note that the link to the article doesn't work.
Kickntrue says:
thanks for the heads up. should be fixed.
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