Boo The Hydroblaster
By Kickntrue on 1/22/09
Boo Weekley knows what it's like to work a crappy job. He used to be a hydroblaster (not sure what that is).
I worked as a hydroblaster. Let's see, I did that for most of 2 1/2 years really, and then worked a little bit in the electrical department as a helper. But that hydroblasting, I don't care, that's one of the worst jobs anybody can do.

It was at a chemical plant in Montana. I got hired on in '94 and '97, I kind of raised my hand to get laid off. I was ready to go from there.

I think it was like eight or nine dollars an hour, and plus working a lot of overtime. I was doing a lot of overtime, just making that extra cheese. I was going out and blowing it half the time, though. I'd be staying out all night drinking and partying. It was a good part of my life. It taught me a lot, you know, about to respect what I've got now.
Hydroblaster seems like a vague job title. It could be like the guy in this picture to my right- or it could be the guy who pours the water at a wet t-shirt contest. I'm guessing since Boo said it was awful- it was more like the picture.


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