Washington DC Golf Show
By Kickntrue on 1/23/09
There is a golf show in Chantilly, VA, today, tomorrow and Sunday at the Dulles Expo Center. I'll be there- will you?

Obviously this is pretty localized but if someone wants to hang out shoot me an email- andrew@oobgolf.com and we'll connect. If you don't want to email- I'll be the guy wearing a red oobgolf hat. Say hello.

Kevin and I will be in Orlando next week for the PGA Merchandise show as well if anyone wants to chill.

North Coast Golf Show

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woobwoob says:
where does one get a red oobgolf hat?
Kickntrue says:
Some of the red oob hats were in the Mystery Bags we did before XMas. Hold Tight. I think we're going to get a couple items on the site for purchase sooner than later. Actually- you can get one here but we're going to try to make a better shopping situation soon- www.corporatecasuals.com/s/oobgolf/default.htm#
komega19 says:
What happened with the idea of quarterly Mystery Bag shops?
Kickntrue says:
I'd expect another Mystery Bag around Father's Day.
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