Catriona Matthew not preggers.
5 Months Pregnant- No Problem
By Kickntrue on 1/26/09
Catriona Matthew, a 39 year old mother of 1, with another in the oven won the HSBC LPGA Brazil Cup by 5 strokes this weekend. I'm calling this pretty dang impressive.

My wife is 5 months pregnant and there is no way she's playing golf or any other activity for that matter with the same skill she was before pregnancy (Wii Sports withstanding).

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komega19 says:
Not to mention her age... wow, that is impressive. Our {sic} first pregnancy, my wife downhill skied until 8 months (she was 28 at the time). Then with the second, when she was 40, even Wii knitting was a tad too much activity for her.
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