What Do You Think Of Golf Channel?
By Kickntrue on 1/26/09
Golf Channel has found itself in a bit of a controversy or sorts lately and the company wants you to be very clear about who and what they are.
"Of course we can celebrate the good in golf and nobody celebrates that good better than Golf Channel. What some people donGÇÖt seem to get, however, is that Golf Channel is a news organization, not a public relations firm."
This comes after some people were none to happy about Golf Channel reporting negatively about the PGA Tour and some of its players including Tadd Fujikawa. As always the amazing Geoff Shackelford is all over it.


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falcon50driver says:
Talk about poor journalism, I'm still not clear about Who was doing drugs, Who was arrested, Who was crying about it, and Who was asked, Him, His father, or His grandfather. Bottom line, don't do drugs, and you won't have that kind of problem.
mattlagolf says:
golf channel is awsome! i watch golf central every day.
ToddRobb says:
ToddRobb says:
Here we go with the politically correctness. It seemed like a legit question, what's the big deal. Life happens, people want to know the story. I think Tadd handled the question very well.
TheBrownCrayon says:
Is he really just 18? At 18 had someone asked me a question about my dad I would not have responded that well, and that is without the felon title. Way to go him.

And it may suck the way they brought that about but to put the entire network on the spot may be over the top. I have my dvr set for Big Break and Playing lessons from the Pros.
badgolfergreg says:
Golf channel a "news organization"? What a laugh. So what news is BigBreak, Highway 18, endless re-runs of both of the above, infomercials of Chuck Norris' latest total gym, and, oh yeah, never ending "male ED and enhancement" commercials. Yeah, that's hard hitting, cutting edge journalism for sure! LOL!
Marc Raber says:
I just wish Rich Lerner would stop saying "Do that".
JWHpurist says:
The majority of the content of the programming on this channel is quite worthwhile and interesting. The content is far and away superior to the "Drama and Sensationalism" found on other channels which "Bores Me To Death". I will rate this channel at an 8 out of 10. JWHpurist
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