Acrobat Dead In Arizona
By Kickntrue on 1/28/09
A man died while preparing his acrobatics routine for a dinner at the FBR Open.
It happened at about 7:15 p.m. [Tuesday] at the Bird's Nest near 89th Drive and Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard. The Bird's Nest is a large tent where parties are held during the FBR Open golf tournament.

San Diego resident Jose Angel Vera, 33, was performing an aerial stunt involving unraveling from a chain in front of more than 700 people. As he was descending, he fell from the rafters onto the ground. Witnesses said he fell on his head.
Ugg. Dying is bad enough. Doing it in front of 700 people is worse. Or does that make you a legend?

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saintsman says:
legend, because nobody in that group will ever forget that and you know they are going to tell all there friends, he's a legend
player says:
thats sad
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