PGA Show- Friday
By Kickntrue on 1/30/09
Here are a couple pictures from Friday. We'll have more to come in the form of stories/reviews/etc in the following weeks.

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georgelohr says:
Anti Monkey-Butt Powder sounds like a useful product. That should be in mens room vending machines at every course!
TheBrownCrayon says:
Re: Anti Monkey-Butt Powder...I'm a bartender, and we deal with that stuff all of the time. Trust me, the best way to cure and prevent that is with a stick of deoderant. I know it sounds goofy and awkward, but next time you're at the store, buy an extra stick, I promise it's the best curse possible.
drftorres says:
I loved the Hooter's photo, excellent picture
golfgirl says:
The Hooter's girls were ultra-friendly.
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