The Legacy Of Betty Jameson
By Kickntrue on 2/9/09
Betty Jameson, one of the 13 founders of the LPGA died this weekend at the age of 89.
"She was a great lady for golf," said Sandra Eriksson, the director of instruction at Delray Beach Golf Club, where Jameson spent so much of her time in South Florida. "Her individual spirit was indomitable.

"She was an artist, literally, as someone who loved to paint and as a shot maker in golf."

Jameson was one of the original founders of the LPGA. Back in 1950, she barnstormed the country with 12 other co-founders, doing the hard work in paving the way for womenGÇÖs golf. She was known as one of the gameGÇÖs first "glamour girls," a striking and brainy beauty who liked to read T.S. Eliot out loud to her friends and who biographers said could speak confidently on subjects ranging from Greek antiquity to French painting and civil liberties.
While admittedly I'd never heard of Betty Jameson until I read this story of her death, it seems a shame I hadn't. It appears as if she lived a long and full life and made a true difference in people's lives in the past and for future generations.

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