What Not To Wear
By Kickntrue on 2/10/09
Golf Course attire is something Kevin and I have railed against in the past for being an old fashioned idea, but at least one course in Australia makes it clear- in pictures. Usually you see the phrase, "proper golf attire required" or something along those lines but Woodlands Golf Club in Victoria, Australia shows exactly what you can and cannot wear on their website. At least their can be no questions when you get there.

While there is nothing out of the ordinary on the "yes/no" lists I did find something pretty amusing when checking out the "not-allowed" clothing for women. Notice the item I circled in the photo below. I KNEW I had seen that same look before and at the time I saw it it was PERFECTLY appropriate golf attire. Then it hit me, it was Australia's own Anna Rawson. I'd recognize that mid-drift anywhere! What's that say about me? It means I have a keen eye for observation, so don't mess with me!

What You Can Wear - In Pictures

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klangdon says:
some of it does seems a little out of the ordinary. You can't wear socks below the ankle? Why do people care...
Kickntrue says:
you also cannot wear "overly colorful socks." i thought over-colored ugly was what high-class golf is all about.
kidputter says:
With stringent rules like that, I KNOW I won't be playing there. I LIKE my short socks and I have a tendency to leave my shirt untucked. I feel I have more freedom with it loose like that.
As For Anna Rawson's shorts? I would NEVER call her shorts TOO SHORT. She could wear a thong and it wouldn't be too short.
golfray says:
No overly colorful stuff ? Heck, Golf was INVENTED so white guys could wear that stuff on the weekends !
yomonk1 says:
I guess I'm a traditionalist, not in the suit and tie way, but in the old Ben Hogan way, that every gentleman should conduct himself as such on a golf course and in the clubhouse, in his dress and in his mannerisms. Displaying his outward appearance as if he were playing with a prospective employer and/ or customer.
KVSmith59 says:
lol....my customers wear worse clothes than those....

I will be honest here....although my preferred summer clothes are a loose fitting collared shirt with khaki knee length shorts and short socks (for comfort purposes when golfing on the face of the sun out here in CA), I sometimes "feel" better when dressed in slacks and a nice polo shirt...not sure if that makes sense or not...
Les Page says:
Not out walking the course on Sunday with the pros I will wear shorts when the weather permits, with a collared shirt and appropriate golf footwear, cleaned and pressed. I do so out of respect for the game and the tradition set by those that came before me. Really glad though that the suit and tie went by the wayside.
joowen says:
no golfer should wear high white socks with shorts.in fact your socks should match your outfit,even for a man
Matt F says:
At least there are no illusions as to what you can and can't wear. At least the public courses aren't like that.
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