Tiger in all his glory.
Tiger Woods Is Everywhere
By Kickntrue on 2/11/09
So I'm watching the Westminster Dog Show last night (wow, I can't believe I just said that) while working on my laptop and keep overhearing something, but ignore it. Finally I decide my ears are not crazy and I start paying attention. It seems Tiger Woods is so good even a dog named after him can't lose.

Congrats to Ch Gayleward's Tiger Woods, a Scottish Deerhound for winning Best Of Group in the Hound category.

Alas, all runs must come to an end. Tiger fell just short in the Best of Show, losing to a hairy mutt that won the competition 5 years ago. Cut Tiger some slack though, he's just coming back.

Best Of The Hounds- Tiger Woods

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mantajim says:
Dang, what kind of surgery did Tiger have?
falcon50driver says:
Must have gone to Michael Jackson's doctor.
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