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Avoid Choking Under Pressure
By Kickntrue on 2/13/09
It seems there may be some science involved in learning how to be steady in pressure situations. Scientifically it seems a bit lame, but from a common sense standpoint it makes perfect sense. The key is to put yourself in practice situations that are the same as the pressure situations. I feel like we've all known this since 3rd grade when the soccer coach yelled, "practice like you play".

At any rate I think it's a good reminder and is very easy to take onto the golf course. Play competitively with friends. Play against yourself or previous scores. Make small prop bets on each stroke. Once you start doing this- you'll be able to sink a putt for big dough, with no issues.

I don't want to undersell the article with a quick paragraph. It's a couple pages. Good stuff.

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