Ahhh... Beer Bath!
Stanford > Wie, (This Week)
By Kickntrue on 2/14/09
Michelle Wie may rule the quad at Stanford, but Angela Stanford took Wie to school on the back 9 at the SBS Open at Turtle Bay (yes, I just made about 4 corny jokes at once).

Michelle Wie will have to take second in her first event as a member of the LPGA Tour. Angela Stanford overcame a 3 shot deficit early in the round to win by 3 shots. On a day where the winds were tough and scoring difficult, Stanford played a solid round at -2 while the rest of the field slipped away. As has come tradition, her friends on Tour came out and gave her a beer bath on the 18th green. I've got to say a Beer Bath is pretty high on my list of February 14th fantasies.

That said- a strong showing by Wie, and I think there is no doubt she'll be a force on Tour this year. She'll have to settle for a paycheck of just $108k. Not a bad 3 days work.

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klangdon says:
its pretty crazy how much more interesting wie is when she does it all legit.
player says:
youre a popular oobgolfer
player says:
you even competed in the 1 club challenge im gonna go out 2day ans ill use a 5 iron
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