Iowa is so pretty.
Move To Iowa For Speedy Golf
By Kickntrue on 2/17/09
My biggest pet peeve is slow golf. That's why I'm moving to Iowa, where they had a 9% drop in rounds played in 2008, more than double any other state's numbers. They are blaming rain, cold and the economy. Personally, I have rain gear, I can wear undershirts and ... well, I AM dirt poor. Two out of three aint bad.

I guess some would see this as a "problem" but I'm going to go with the whole "lemons and lemonade" thing. A 4 hour round with less crowded courses sounds dreamy to me!

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r.schechinger says:
Look up Councol Bluffs, Ia. and the surrounding area for golf courses. Being right across the river from Omaha, Ne. gives a dedicated golfer all kinds of options for quick golf. A lot of the smaller subergs around Council Bluffs, Ia. and around Omaha, Ne. have superb courses to try and tee times are easy to come by.
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