Golf In Olympics Proposal
By Kickntrue on 2/17/09
The International Golf Federation made their proposal to the Olympic Committee with their proposal for golf being in the 2016 Olympics. They want a 72 hole format like the majors to decide the champion. I'm with Geoff Shackelford on this one,
"There's your buried lede of the week or maybe month.

Golf needs another 72-hole stroke play event like it needs another financial firm sponsoring a tour event.

Oh but it's fair! And it's just like the majors.

Example 90,702 demonstrating golf's lack of imagination rearing its ugly head yet again.
Couldn't say it better myself. How lame.

How about a 12 country team event? How about Match Play for all the marbles? Can you imagine an experience like the Ryder Cup, but over 8 days with 12 6-man teams? It would rule God's green earth!

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player says:
guess what tomorrows my birthday!
beisenhauer says:
I'd like to have seen more a country/team element, perhaps two-man teams like the World Cup. They could play one round of better-ball, one alternate shot and maybe one aggregate score. Just looking at the current rankings I can see some intriguing teams:

USA: Woods/Stricker, Mickelson/Kim, Perry/Furyk
Spain: Garcia/Jimenez
Sweden: Stenson/Karlsson
Australia: Ogilvy/Scott
UK: Westwood/Rose, McIlroy/Casey
RSA: Els/Immelman

That would be worth watching!
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