Dom Furore/Woods Family via Getty
Tiger Woods' Kid Pictures
By Kickntrue on 2/18/09
The whole golf world revolves around Tiger. Deal with it. I'm trying to find other golf stories, but this is all there is.

Charlie Axel Woods at 10 days- and Daddy Woods.

First Photo

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KVSmith59 says:
I feel sorry for his kids...kinda....the expectations that will be heaped on them and their future ability to follow in daddy's footsteps will be huge....
Kickntrue says:
I think this could be true, but only if they choose to be in the spotlight. There are many examples both ways. It's surprising how many Hall-of-Fame level athletes have kids you've never heard of, and I say that as a good thing. They take their money (if there is any left) and have a normal life, just with a good conversation starter at a bar.
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