Eric Larson and AK
Anthony Kim's Caddie Deported
By Kickntrue on 2/19/09
We haven't heard much from Anthony Kim lately as he's been gallivanting around the world collecting appearance fees. His caddie, Eric Larson found some trouble though. Larson (backstory here), was deported by Australian immigration officials for failing to report a past criminal history.

Kim is scheduled to tee it up today at the Johnnie Walker Classic so he'll have little time to find a new caddie.

What I don't get is the reason. Was this a no-win? If he reports his history he isn't let in, so he tries to get around it and get lucky? Otherwise, why not just be honest?

Do we have any immigration lawyers/officers/etc. who can help us out?

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Matt F says:
I'm no laywer, but I am Australian. It looks as though the same law applies here in the US as it does in Australia. Failure to report is looked at worse than acknowleding past history in a lot of cases. Then again, they let Snoop Dogg into Sydney.

I think that he may not have been allowed into the country anyway, considering the nature of his crime and the time he served. Having said that, I don't think there is any danger of him re-offending, so they should (in my opinion) have let him slide if he had reported it.

kidputter says:
He's a criminal and an ex-con. Maybe if we stop coddling the guilty it may deter others from breaking the law.
I'm not talking about petty things. Almost all of us are guilty of summary and misdemeanors. Felony conviction should be dealt with according to the severity of the crime. I AM for the death penalty and corporal punishment. We give celebrities and people connected with celebrities too much of a break. If that were me, I would have served 15 the Electric Chair.
As Mr. Hand always says, "Drugs are Bad."
Eugene Chang says:
The dood is not a celebrity if nobody even knows that caddie's name.
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