First Swing Program
By Kickntrue on 2/24/09
The First Swing program is a chance for wounded miltary vets to learn to play golf with missing limbs. Some of its members have never picked up a club before. Some were avid golfers who now have to relearn with less working parts than before.
First Swing was created nearly two decades ago by a former naval officer named Bob Wilson. Working on the flight deck of the USS Kitty Hawk when a jet landed, Wilson lost his legs in 1974 to the cable that connects landing aircraft to the carrier.

While recovering, Wilson saw an article about amputee golf. He said he didn't even know amputee golf was possible. He took it up. He found something to look forward to, and he's been playing since.

"It's the only thing that kept me alive," Wilson said.

First Swing representatives say golf is an ideal therapy for amputees. It involves stretching. It involves exercise GÇö mental and physical.
No matter what you think of America's war you have to support these men and what they've done. I think it's great that they have some outlet for energy release, because the rest of life sure isn't easy for them.

First Swing

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