This Again?!
By Kickntrue on 2/24/09
We're guilty of Tiger Fever, just like the rest of them! Now you can buy a used Gatorade bottle from Tiger, for $25k.

... Scientists have used the apple core and added a unique female DNA structure and now, with Tiger's DNA on from this Gatorade bottle they can create a male cloned specimen. Adding a genetic modifier that makes the clones feel "unrelated" they can now grow and breed the TW clones without the threat of incestual retardation. In the next 20 years a Super Tiger should be a reality.

[wakes up]

Seriously, This Again?

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Josh says:
That picture shows a water bottle not a gatorade bottle.... just sayin'
svj says:
i mean that is cool and everything, but spending 25k on used bottle of whatever tiger is drinking. isn't going to make you play like tiger and if you think it does. you might want to spend the 25k on something like counciling or something
twood says:
or 20k on counseling and 5k on lessons
bmkrois says:
I have half of a sandwich tiger couldn't finish the bids begin at 1k
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