Today In Dumba** Golf Stuff
By Kickntrue on 3/3/09
Stealing golf carts seems to be a new national pasttime. You have a better chance of getting away if you keep them out of a pond.

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falcon50driver says:
That must not be the actual picture, since the newspaper article said there were two golf bags on the cart also. He should get the electric chair for that horrible crime.
Kickntrue says:
Yah- if someone took a golf cart with my bag of clubs in it, they'd better hope the police catch them before me.
falcon50driver says:
Recently, I heard about two golfers who had their cart stolen while they were putting out, on a green about 60 yards away. There was a city street passing the cart path and one guy jumped out of a pickup truck, drove off in their cart, met his buddy a block away and they threw the bags in the back of the truck and sped off. Looks like we'll have to start taking the key with us, or a pistol.
leeheppjr says:
or walk
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