Should Pros Take A Pay Cut?
By Kickntrue on 2/25/09
Greg Norman thinks PGA Tour pros should take a paycut in this time of economic uncertainty.
"Prize money's being scaled back in Europe, I wouldn't be surprised if prize money's scaled back in the U.S. just out of respect to every citizen and taxpayer over there who's suffering dramatically," the two-time British Open champion was quoted as saying Wednesday on the Australian Broadcasting Corp. Web site. "It seems like on the PGA Tour the players are still playing for a million dollars first week, like they're recession-proof.

"I think there's got to be a lot of sensitivity shown. If I was PGA commissioner that's what I would be recommending," he said.

The average PGA Tour purse in 2008 was $5.8 million.
I was of the understanding that pro golfers were independent contractors who choose where to play. If the event chooses to lower the purse, then the golfer can choose if they want to enter that event, or go find another way to make money. I'm pretty sure that even if Tiger Woods decides to not play in events he'll eventually run out of opportunities to use his Q-Rating.

I guess my point is, what does this have to do with the players?

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klangdon says:
They should increase purses but require that each player has 4 caddies.
Josh says:
How dare they! These guys are almost as evil as CEOs, we should have the government regulate how much they can make.
sperry says:
if anyone needs a lower paycheck, it is the government. Golfers work 72 holes for their money. We pay taxes so congress could pick out a good seat and sit in it for 13 hours to hear the President speak. DO SOME WORK!!!
svj says:
damn, if super rich greg is saying that.. times must be tough,,, what would greg give up??? he's name brand wine, his collection of 50 foot boats, or his cloting line... if the cut the money on the tour, none of the big players will play and who would we watch when the rest of us is home without jobs...
kidputter says:
Seriously, gang. Purse reductions are a GOOD idea. Other sports should take the hint.
Average salaries for Pro Athletes
$ 2.27 million for football (2008)
$2.82 million for baseball (2007)
$3.86 million for basketball (2008)
$1.9 million for Hockey (2007)
$973,000 Men's Golf (2006)

I make less than $75,000 and put in a heck of a lot more hours than ANY of them and have fewer legal, moral, or scandalous issues than almost ALL of them.
Kickntrue says:
I don't think anyone disagrees that they are ridiculously paid. I think my point at least, was that the players in golf more than any other sport, don't have the control over it. They are contractors. They choose to play in each event. If the events have lower purses, they can CHOOSE to do something else. My guess is that something else, still doesn't beat an event with a lower purse.
Rpoole11 says:
My guess is they won't have a choice. Sponsors are dropping golf tourneys all over the place and the big money just won't be there for them.
bmkrois says:
How would Tiger afford his toys then?
whomsley says:
I think all sports in general should start scaling back on the amount of money they pay players. I am from the Philadelphia and Ryan Howard of the Phillies just received a 3 year $54 million contract. This, in a city where the mayor is choosing to close down libraries, after school programs, fire houses and police stations because the city's deficit is out of control. Granted, they got themselves into that situation with the previous mayor. Something is not right in this world we live in where athletes make $17.5 million per year to swing a bat and an American city cannot afford to keep a fire station open.
Kickntrue says:
But if Ryan Howard pays his taxes... then he's doing more than his part for the fire station.
Rpoole11 says:
Kickn' I wish you'd been here in Seattle to explain that to the idiots who let the Sonics out of town.
H2Okie says:
Golfers, owners, pro athlete's it doesn't matter what they make, owners charge ticket prices, fans buy tickets, owners make money because they invested in players who attract fans to buy tickets.Golf sponsor's sponsor event to attract players with big names, by paying big paychecks to the winners and use the events as advertising functions. At least golfers have to earn the big money week in week out. A baseball player can earn it in one year, then float till contract expiration year. The Phillies are a private company, they can choose how to invest their earnings. And yes, big income earners pay a lot of taxes to the states, cities and towns they work and live, needless to say the federal government. A lot of city and local governments count on those high paid people. Ask NYC what their tax collection reduction is because of the lack of bonuses paid to Wall Street. Cities count on their high income earners. They make a lot of money in those cities and then they spend a lot of money in those cities.
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