WGC Accenture Match Play
By Kickntrue on 2/25/09
It's off! He's Off! Follow Live at work.


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klangdon says:
Birdied first hole, looking at eagle putt on second. He still has it...
Kickntrue says:
Yah- he's just walking off 3rd hole- and I think he's going to be okay. Brendan Jones looks like he just met a bus... at 60 MPH.
kidputter says:
Hey, Guys. There were 31 OTHER MATCHES today!!!
Villegas looked GREAT. Glad to see some upsets. Going to be exciting over the next couple of days.
sperry says:
how does HE look now? I won't talk trash, but now at least the remaining field can concentrate on golf and not answering questions about Tiger.
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