Is Golf The World's Game?
By Kickntrue on 2/26/09
Of the 64 who started the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship, only 17 are Americans. One of the main opposing views for golf in the Olympics is that only a couple countries play golf. While this may have some legs, those other countries are certainly playing well.

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furrier says:
1st round results:
USA 13-4
AUS 2-6
S.Afr 3-5
ENG 6-1
No other country had more than 3 players in the 1st round, nor did any other country advance more than 1 player to the 2nd round. Very sad results for Australia and South Africa, very good ones for US and England.
leeheppjr says:
I think the better question to ask is how valid are the world rankings? Is Brendan Jones better than David Toms or John Rollins or any other of the PGA regulars supplanted by members of the Japanese (or other minor) Tours. It's a good format and inclusive of players you don't normally see, but to say the Americans are down soley with this as your basis is a little short sited.
furrier says:
Let me rephrase the question to: "How valid are the world rankings for a given point in time?" I would like to emphasize how ratings (as opposed to rankings) decrease over the "dead period" around the end of the year, which reduces the difference between two players. This means a good early-year result makes it a lot easier to enter the "top 64".

Point two: Does this call into question the strengths of the different tours relative to one another? (PGA, European PGA, Australian, Asian, etc.)
player says:
tiger is from america
player says:
what people are they
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