By Kickntrue on 3/2/09
Those in the Northeastern USA can sympathize with me this morning. Things were just starting to look good.

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dff100 says:
Indeed... here in the Boston, MA area, we picked up around 10 inches of snow Monday. We in MA were hoping to be on the links within two weeks. Alas...
Jippy says:
Such a pity. I hear there's a bunch of snow in NYC as well. Here in NorCal it's raining buckets.
smepple says:
I began to type a response several times and had to leave the's just too painful. When will it end!?
Jake Bogardus says:
Just missed Western New York, still holding out hope for golf in a few weeks
timhoffman says:
Hey Northeast guys, I moved down here to VA from NY expecting golf by early Mar and we got hit with 6 inches last night. NY golfers are supossed to get started until May anyway...
Eddy Whitaker says:
we got over 10 inches in Jackson, Tennessee..its probably the most in a really really really long time..they actually cancelled our college golf tournament
turk944 says:
Now you know how we feel, in WI we got a tease a couple weeks ago, close to 60 two days in a row adn one course actually opened nine holes, then it dropped to single digits and snowed again, hoping to get out sometime in April, good luck!
falcon50driver says:
The symposium on global warming scheduled this week in Washington was cancelled because of the snow.
mjaber says:
Thank god for the March 3-6 business trip to Arizona.
whomsley says:
8" in West Chester, PA. Somehow Mother Nature always seems to get my hopes up with temps on the 50 on Friday. Then, she takes it right away and makes almost the entire east coast a winter wonderland. Thank goodness I ski as well.
bducharm says:
Dang guys! It was 91 degrees in Austin TX last Friday, down to about 71 today! Sorry to hear about all the bad weather!!! My tan has not faded at all....
jerdman says:
rub it in.. i'm moving to texas dag nabbit
Jake Bogardus says:
So much for global warming, damn enviros
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