Hot Golf Photos!
By Kickntrue on 3/2/09
I promised a "hot" photo.




But I tease. Seriously though, here a couple photos taken for Maxim magazine of actress Diora Baird (I have no clue what she was in either). Why is an actress dressed as a golfer for a Maxim photoshoot? I find when given a gift, you don't ask too many questions.

If you choose to click the link- know that the site is not family friendly and probably Not Safe For Work. Oh- and I'm only posting this because you people tell me pictures of hot chicks is what you want. :)

You can thank the anonymous user who sent me the link... and again, please don't click unless you accept the fact that you will see things your mother would ground you for (I don't care if you are 55!).

Full Gallery

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falcon50driver says:
Nice grip on the 6 iron.
yomonk1 says:
What 6 iron???
Mookie says:
jerdman says:
is she aerating that green in her panties? voted best greenskeeper in 2009!
Les Page says:
The photos on the link give a whole new meaning to Water Hazard, Lining up a putt, reading the green, spine angle, tending the flag and cart golf. Not to mention trying to keep your eyes on the ball.
whomsley says:
Thanks, anonymous user.
civiccvcc says:
This makes me miss the hot weather and cute kart girls that bring me my beer...oh hurry up spring
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