The Haney Project
By Kickntrue on 3/3/09
I watched "The Haney Project" last night on Golf Channel featuring Charles Barkley. It was pretty good.

Barkley is an interesting character. Depsite all of the sad/bad/pathetic things I know about him, I still find him really likable. He comes across as real and determined. He's willing to laugh at himself, but also put in the work to get better. At least from episode 1, you actually believe he is going to do this. While they show previews from upcoming clips that show things not going smoothly, it's easy to believe Sir Charles will at the very least get better. After 1 day with Hank Haney he's already showing dramatic improvement.

"The Haney Project" isn't going to bump shows from my TiVo but fortunately GolfChannel will run the tar out of this series so I'll have plenty of time to catch all of the episodes.

Golf Channel's Schedule
Haney Project Home

I imagine these will eventually get yanked for TOS violations- but here is the beginning of Episode 1. You can find the rest on YouTube.

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GolfSmith7 says:
Does anyone know is a it one new episode a week or is there a new episode every night?
Kickntrue says:
One new a week.
GolfSmith7 says:
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