Will MacKenzie and his wife Alli
Ladies Day At The PGA
By Kickntrue on 3/4/09
Yesterday was Ladies Day at PGA National, site of this week's Honday Classic. The pros caddied for their wives. The annual charity event raised over $100k.

You've got to hand it to the PGA, more than any other sport, they know how to raise money. And... if nothing else, check out the pictures, because let's face it, most rich dudes have hot wives.

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dunnbrooks says:
Looks like the wife all went to the same golf shop for color and outfits, was there a theme that was not stated. I glad that the golf community can show off all other sports with a check for 100kGǪ lets see NBA, MLB, NFL, or NHL make that for a charity in one dayGǪ
I am glad to be apart of a sport that the hardest thing is to do would be use a club to smack a ball hundreds of yards into a hole and get some tan lines..
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