Winemaker Luke Donald
Wine And Golf
By Kickntrue on 3/4/09
A lot of golfers including Luke Donald, Ernie Els, Greg Norman, and Arnold Palmer are into winemaking.
"It's like working on a chemistry experiment," says [Donald] the part-time Palm Beach Gardens resident, a 2006 winner of the Honda Classic, which takes place this week at PGA National and attracts many of the sport's greats.

Donald's 2005 claret, a Bordeaux-style California blend, is receiving kudos from the wine press ("It's built like a tank, with layers of blackberries, cassis, stone fruit, cranberry and violets," writes critic Sandra Silfven).
Even the PGA and LPGA are adding their name to labels.

I think this is a good trend. Golf needs more ways to make itself elitest and crusty high class. Who am I kidding? I love wine. It comes in such cute boxes.

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furrier says:
... and paper bags
yomonk1 says:
A friend of wine is a friend of mine.
twood says:
surprised he didn't hurt himself lifting the glass
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