Uncle Lee Trevino
Trevino Says "Play Them All"
By Kickntrue on 3/5/09
Lee Trevino knows how to fix the golf economy. The PGA Tour pros should be required to play every event on the schedule once every 3 years.
"Now is the time where you say, 'Hey boys, times are tough,'" Trevino said. "They're looking for something to do. Some say, 'We've got to get more personable.' Forget that player. He's not going to do anything.

"If the commissioner comes out and says once every three years you have to play each tournament -- If not, there's a tour in Europe."
Trevino says he proposed the same rule back in 1970, but it didn't fly then. The bad news for Lee is he still has a better chance of getting this to pass back in 1970 as he does now. Of course, this does work on other tours (LGPA), but it sure would be risky if anybody decided to call Commish Tim Finchem's bluff (obviously Tiger Woods). Woods has only played in 18 events a year when healthy. While he could still play that few events if required to play all of them every 3 years, once you toss in majors and WGC events you'd assume he'd play every year his playing would have to increase.

Good luck with that. Tiger's response to the economy and what he and others can do, "I don't know if I can do any more".

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