Hank Haney Project Gets Big Ratings
By Kickntrue on 3/6/09
The Haney Project was the most watched debut for a tv show in Golf Channel History.

Let's not count chickens... but I imagine this will lead to more shows like this. I'm still waiting to see the show where they take an athletic 15 handicapper- and turn him into a scratch golfer. I think people want to know, "can a person be taught and trained" to that level. I can think of at least one volunteer for Golf Channel if they want to try.


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munk24 says:
Already been done, at least in print, read the excellent book by Tom Coyne, Paper Tiger. I am now reading his brand new book A course called Ireland, Coyne walks around the island playing golf, sampling the local pubs and eateries, and getting to know the Irish people, excellent read. tomcoyne.com
Albatross says:
Personally I would like to know what a top instructor like Mr. Haney would charge to overhaul the average 12-15 handicapper to 0-4 hcp. As a 4 hcp. myself I would love him to try and make me a +1 and someone else pay the bill.
bradfordkraft says:
I was definitely anxious to see that show but mainly because watching Barkley play golf is just amusing. Im around a 15 myself but, good god, I wouldnt play at all with that swing.
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