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By Kickntrue on 3/6/09 needs to get a clue with their "Quick Poll" questions. They are giving the average golf fan WAY too much credit for knowing golf courses the pros play.

Here is today's gem:
Which course has the toughest closing holes in golf?

1) PGA National
2) Quail Hallow
3) TPC Sawgrass
4) TPC Southwind
5) Muirfield Village
I'd venture to guess only about 10% of the people who visit their site could even tell you what state each of these courses is in.

(I'll try)
Florida - 100% sure, but only because I've been there
North Carolina - 100% sure
Florida - 100% sure
Florida - 0% sure [wrong, Tennessee]
Ohio - 58.5% sure [correct]


As you'd imagine- TPC Sawgrass is winning by a large margin. I'm guessing that's because it's the only course anyone can tell you anything about since we all know the 17th.

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Albatross says:
I know where the courses are and I can even picture the hole, but have I played them or even have a clue how pros or others feel about them? NO!! I have my opinion based only on what I have observed. All that does is make the poll irrelevant. Personally I think the 18th at Doral may be the toughest, but what do I know?
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