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Are Headcovers Cool?
By Kickntrue on 3/10/09
I like this story because I've had a "deep" conversation about it recently on the golf course. Is it cool to carry a "fluffy" headcover? Obviously Tiger Woods thinks so. His driver headcover "Frank" is undoubtedly the most famous in all of golf, but there are others out there. Lorena Ochoa carries her driver under a Superman headcover. Fitting. Teen sensation Rory McIlroy carries a St. Bernard headcover on his 3 wood in memory of a childhood dog.

The cool thing about headcovers is there are options for us amateurs to personalize our bags for a little of our own personality and flair. Sure, I could go buy my own Frank, but I don't deserve a Tiger on my driver nor do I really want one.

I found a cool site that has hundreds of choices from fish and animals to plants or even a trash can. Daphnes Headcovers provides headcovers for PGA Tour players like Justin Leonard and Aaron Baddeley. Right now if you buy the Yellow Lab that Leonard carries, Daphnes will donate proceeds to the ASPCA in their efforts to raise awareness and end animal cruelty.

Daphnes Headcovers

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dc8ce says:
I'm a University of Missouri alum, so I have classic headcovers for my woods with their logos. I've thought about looking for a tiger for my driver, but it would have to be the black & gold kind.
klangdon says:
How is it that the elitist culture of golf finds it acceptable to have a stuffed animal sticking out of your bag, but you might not be allowed to tee off if you have too much screen printing on your shirt?
silentfink says:
I like the Rocket Tour traditional knit headcovers. They're timeless, they look great, and they're easy to get on/off.
mjaber says:
Picked up a "Cheesburger in Paradise" headcover for a friend of mine while I was in Jamaica. He's a parrot-head, so I thought it'd be good for him.
bducharm says:
I'm more of a product guy, hence I use the new fangled headcovers that ship with metal woods, hybrids.
jbird899 says:
I love headcovers....it gives your bag and game personality. Anytime people laugh about my Moose headcover, they soon shut up when I pipe it down the middle. I must admit, it also also feels good to smack it when I blow it into the woods.
William Charles Ni says:
I've had a gorilla keeping my driver warm for years. Have to fight too keep my daughter from taking it 8=)
Albatross says:
For some reason I have always enjoyed the matching bag and headcover look. I guess it is from growing up admiring the pro bags. Tiger is the first pro I remember using a critter headcover and for him it fits. I like the Taylormade look, but mine cover Ping woods.
IstyxH says:
I have got a Armadillo headcover for my driver. It reminds me of when I started playing golf. Get the story in the forums (What got you started playing golf.)
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