Poor little PrideSports...
Something Has To Give
By Kickntrue on 3/12/09
I follow golf news and industry press release "news" fairly closely and someone has to be lying! Day after day, week after week I see competing companies make nearly identical claims and then follow up by calling the other company's data inaccurate.

Here is a quick example. Last week- both Evolve Golf who makes the Epoch Tee and Pride Sports who makes the Pride Professional Tee System tee reported being the top tee at the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship.

From Evolve:
"Evolve Golf - maker of the No. 1 performance golf tee on Tour - confirms top-5 finishers at the Accenture Match Play Championship, Mayakoba Golf Classic and Honda LPGA Thailand all relied on its patented Epoch tee."
From Pride:
"PrideSports, maker of Softspikes-« golf cleats - the #1 cleat on Tour - has reported that the Pride Golf Tees, led by the Professional Tee SystemGäó (PTS), the #1 performance wood golf tee brand on Tour, dominated the fields at the PGA TOUR's WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship and the Mayakoba Golf Classic, with more than 90% of the players utilizing the Company's tees in competition."
I guess there is an outside chance both statements could be true- but you'd then have to be an idiot to ever use the Pride tees- if 90% use those, but the top 5 finishers on every tour use Evolve tees.

Epoch Release
PrideSports Release

I saw another example today, this time involving PrideSports once again. The title of the press release says it all (and is quite a mouthful):
"Despite Unsubstantiated Competitor Claims, PrideSports & Softspikes-« Completely Dominated Cleat Field At Honda Classic, While Capturing 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Finishes."
Yes- that is ALL the title. Looks like the golf world is picking on poor PrideSports...

PrideSports Release
Champ Spikes Release

My question is- how can companies make a press release about anything they want, especially something like this? Isn't there supposed to be a definitive resource (the Darrell Survey) to substantiate these statements?

Maybe I'll just put together a Press Release for oobgolf. Next week you'll hear us claim to have 10 Bazillion Users and the hottest women ever for wives and groupies.

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Howzit says:
You know what's really disturbing!!???!!! People read these claims and actually switch to their product "BELIEVING" that using their tee or spikes is going to make you a better golfer!!!!!!! If your swing is lacking, no tee in the world is going to help you out....the best it can do is take a really good tee shot and give you, maybe, another yard or two.
furrier says:
"#1 performance golf tee" by whose ranking/survey? If there are two surveys with different results, that's quite possible.

Next, "top-5 finishers" is VERY different from "top 5 finishers". "top-5" just means that at least ONE member of the top 5 (in each of the named tournaments) used Evolve tees.
Robtihanyi says:
I'm just amazed that you can put the word "performance" in front of "tee". Its a TEE for goodness sake! You put your ball on it, and the rest is up to you...
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