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By Kickntrue on 3/11/09
What could be popular than Tiger Woods playing golf? How about Tiger playing golf with Peyton Manning? Peyton skipped "Manning Day" a Mississippi holiday to honor the Manning family (no, seriously).

Said dad Archie,
"I got a text message this morning that said, '(Woods) just birdied the first hole,"' Archie Manning told the crowd of breathless senators. "About 15 minutes later I got another one that said, 'He just birdied the second hole.' I texted back that he was just lucky."
If Peyton was using oobgolf mobile the whole world could've known!

The real interesting part of this story to me is that there is a Manning Day. Imagine how hard up a state must be to have a state day for a couple guys who didn't even perform in the state (outside or college for Archie and Eli).

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