Sergio Could Become No. 1
By Kickntrue on 3/11/09
If Sergio Garcia wins this week at Doral and Tiger Woods finishes 27th or worse, Garcia will become golf's new world #1. Of course the whole thing is a bit misleading because the system uses recent performance and the guy who is STILL number 1 has not played for 8 months.

It could happen though- though Tiger has never finished out of the top 10 before at Doral. Sergio should get it while he can. Before Tiger's injury he was 16 full points behind Tiger (now only 1 and some change) and he was #2 then. I have a feeling once Tiger gets going that lead is going to strech quickly.

Still- fun to see we mathmatically could have a shakeup, not that anyone understands the point system anyway.

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furrier says:
Hmm, has there been a world #1 who had not yet won a major?

David Duval won the British Open in 2001, but was #1 for 14 weeks in 1999 (March 28 - July 3).
Fred Couples was #1 for 1 week in March 1992, before winning the Masters in April 1992.
Ian Woosnam was #1 for 50 weeks, beginning Apr 7, 1991. Later that week, Apr 11-14, he won the Masters for his only Major victory.

For each of these three golfers, it was the ONLY major he won.
Godesy says:
I wonder where a Goeff Ogilvy repeat would put him if Tiger did not have a high finish? That would probably give him a chance to take it at Bay Hill depending on the play of Tiger and Sergio of course.
furrier says:
I wonder as well. Also, what if #3 Mickelson wins. Where would Woods need to finish for Lefty to take over #1, or for Geoff to take over?

Based on a cursory glance at the rating list ( I suspect #4 Ogilvy and below are too far back to take over from this tournament. Lefty should be possible. Below are the top 5 (the only ones over 6.00 points):

1.Woods 9.16
2.Garcia 7.57
3.Mickelson 7.13
4.Ogilvy 6.33
5.Harrington 6.05
ayparekh says:
The World Golf Rankings are worse than College Baskbetball Rankings. Thats the reason, no one really cares. Its a paper statistic that has minimal importance. The World Golf Rankings have always been unfavorable to American Golfers. What I'd like to see is Sergio and Tiger paired in the final round. If that happens and Sergio wins, even though he wont be #1, I'd give him some credit...but he will choke!!
Albatross says:
If Sergio is the true #2 then I should be in the top 50. The World Rankings are a joke. Harrington won two majors in 2008 and somehow Sergio is ranked higher. Ridiculous !!! The only thing worse than the PGA World Rankings is the LPGA World Rankings.
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