Nancy Drew And The Case Of The Missing Bulldozer
By Kickntrue on 3/12/09
An employee at Canyon West Golf Course near Ft. Worth, Texas, found something strange buried at the course- a bulldozer.

It looks like the owners of the course bought a bulldozer and tractor to make the course over 10 years ago, then reported both as stolen/missing. Smells like insurance fraud.
Wes Mickle and his son, Stan Mickle, could both face felony charges of insurance fraud, said Tyler Farrell, a detective with the Tarrant Regional Auto Crimes Task Force.

Investigators searched Canyon West Golf Course after a former employee contacted the Department of Public Safety about seeing part of the bulldozer while fertilizing the courseGÇÖs 13th fairway, Farrell said.

Authorities have not located the tractor. The bulldozer is valued at more than $40,000, Farrell said.
It does raise an interesting question. How do you bury a bulldozer? You'd need a bulldozer to do that... or maybe a... TRACTOR!! I'm a genius. Someone better go scuba diving in the pond. I'm guessing they'll find an International Harvester.

The Dallas Morning News - Full Story

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klangdon says:
how pissed would you be if you snapped your club on the roof of a bull dozer
BlaqShamrokk says:
how deep of a hole do you have to dig to hide a bulldozer?
2 Pints of Booze says:
"how deep of a hole do you have to dig to hide a bulldozer?"

About a foot deeper than you would think.
mmontanaro says:
I dunno, looks like it is about 12 feet high... so, 14 feet?
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