Nathan Moore- one heck of a stud.
Stay Classy Nathan Moore
By Kickntrue on 3/12/09
I'm putting this man's name in the title so every future employer that every Googles his name will see this. It takes a classy guy to choke a 12 year old and hit with with a golf club.
According to police, Moore got into an argument with a child near hole No. 15, picked up the boy by the neck and crotch and threw him into a bush. He then hit the child in the calf with a golf club and went back to playing, police said.

Jennifer Sprague of Goodyear said her son was collecting golf balls with the victim and another boy when Moore accused them of stealing his golf ball.

Sprague, who got her account from the boys, said the victim tried to apologize and give back the balls he held when he was attacked.

Both Sprague and the boy's mother described the boy as small for his age and weighing less than 80 pounds. Neither could imagine him provoking such an attack.
I really hope this isn't true. There's not even a joke to be made.

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BlaqShamrokk says:
what an idiot...He was probably intoxicated and has no children either.
Mookie says:
Good call, posting it like that. Intoxicated, has no children, was playing poorly, maybe even thought the kid took his ball -- none of it really matters. The guy is obviously just a class AA jerk.
seckal says:
Mookie is right... I really don't care even if the kids took his ball. A grown @$$ man acting like that.
Chosen12b says:
jack ass
Howzit says:
Probably even plays to a 25 hcp. Wonder what kind of ball it was!?! TI Beta maybe? What a looser!
Kickntrue says:
Howzit- maybe.. but why flame 25 hcps like that? Who cares if he's scratch?! He's an ass.
badgolfergreg says:
Someone probably hurt his self-esteem as a child...yeah right. Good thing he didn't do that to my child or he'd have my ____ to kick!
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