10 Reasons Charles Barkley Will Fail
By Kickntrue on 3/16/09
I received an interesting email on Friday night- I figured I'd post it.

Why "The Haney Project" with Charles Barkley is bound to fail? Read the 10 reasons at:


Drop me an email if you don't agree with ANY of them.

Make it a great day:

Sure, it's a shameless effort to get his blog linked and in turn sell his e-book on making you better, but I figured I'd bite. You can check them out if you'd like. I'd hate to not send give him any email love so feel free to drop him a note at zar@zargolf.com.

10 Reasons Barkley Will Fail

For those interested- a new Barkley episode will air tonight on Golf Channel at 9pm and then again every chance they can get. I must say it's been pretty entertaining. Good enough to get me to stop TiVo'ing Two and A Half Men to watch it instead.

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Frankie C says:
Here's my shameless effort. Best of luck to Charles but if HH can't get him right, I will.
Frankie C
Godesy says:
The guy has some valid points. Especially about the fake encouragement. Hank is not a good actor. good luck to them both.
kidputter says:
This guy is a crackpot looking to sell something. Charles Barkely, just a few short years ago, was a single-digit handicapper.
He has a mental block which HH is working him through.
As far as 1000 balls the first day. If you listened to HH, it was a test of Barkely's commitment to improve.

Go back to hawking your wares to the uninformed.
kidputter says:
And another thing. The exercises are for cardio, which Charles needs greatly. He's overweight and out of shape. Not everything HH is doing for Charles is golf related. Watch the show and don't try to over-analyze everything.
PWell says:
if you had 100 different golf pro's help charles they would each have a different approach in helping him. give the guy a chance...i'm with kidave seems like you way over analyed this thing. yes it's for ratings, but the true test is charles commitment to get better and trusting in what hank is teaching him. if he follow's through...no pun intended, then i think we will see charles break 80 again. good luck charles!
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