Quick- Buy Me A Lotto Ticket
By Kickntrue on 3/16/09
Imagine hitting a hole-in-one on the first swing of your life. Now imagine how much you dislike 62 year old Unni Haskell right now. Unni took two months of lessons and decided she was ready for the course. On the first swing of real on-course golf in her life she drained a 100 yard shot.
"I didn't know it was that big of a deal,'' she said. "I thought all golfers do this.''

I tried to make myself feel better by trying to justify it. "Well, it was a par 3 course." "Well, she had to hit driver to get it there." "Well, ... she's old!"

Nothing seems to work. The fact is- she has one and I don't. Did I say "CURSES!" yet? On the bright side- Unni has great luck. If she could buy me a lotto ticket and mail it my way that'd be great!

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player says:
did she take any swings during golf lessons?
falcon50driver says:
No, she took the kind of golf lessons where you don't swing a club.
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