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Golf May Be Too Expensive?
By Kickntrue on 3/16/09
I love it when people with power (in this case a writer for expose a course for its bullcrap (in this case being overpriced and with bad service).

Last week Gary Van Sickle stopped by Melreese Golf Club in Miami and was greeted with quite a wake-up.
It's noon. It's a Monday. It's beautiful -- 82 degrees, light wind. The course looks to be in outstanding condition, especially for a muni. When I ask if I can play a few holes, I'm told, sure, the course is wide open. In fact, it is all but deserted.

The girl working the register asks if I'm a Florida resident. Nope. She rings up my greens fee. That'll be $158. What, I say? State residents play for $78, non-residents are $158. Do you have a nine-hole rate, I ask? No. I totally understand trying to keep a public course available for use by local golfers. They should get a big discount. It's their course. But this isn't a local discount, it's statewide? What good does that do? You think anybody is going to fly down from Jacksonville to golf Melreese when there are 1,200 other courses in the state? City residents should get the golf discount.

So I settle on hitting a bag of 60 range balls (that's what the sign in the shop says) for $6. When I dump the bag out on the practice range, it doesn't look like 60 balls. I count them. There are 47. I'm 13 short. That's more than 20 percent I've been shortchanged.

I was there for 90 minutes and saw no one tee off.
Well done, Melreese. The best part of the article are the comments where people are leaving tips on the best values still around.

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