Merry Christmas
By klangdon on 12/25/06
If your reading this and its December 25th, then you need to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. Go be with family and friends.

Assuming your reading this a few days after it was posted. We hope your Christmas was great and that you got some great new golf gear.

Did you forget a few people on the big day? Its real easy to let them know you still care with an oobgolf Christmas ecard. Here are some of the cards- click any of them to take you to the ecard section of oobgolf, where you can customize and send these to your family and friends.

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klangdon says:
I got some custom printed golf balls, gloves, and a great new push/pull cart. The pull cart is exciting. If I start walking more games then I can I can get more golf in for the money.

We all know that Christmas is bigger than new golf gear, but I am curious who got the best stuff. POST YOUR GIFTS HERE!
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