Matt Leinart's Golf Tourney
By Kickntrue on 3/18/09
Arizona Cards backup QB Matt Leinart has had a tough NFL career to date. That doesn't mean his celeb golf event won't be worth checking out. Most backup QB's are forgotten clipboard jockeys. Because of the hype surrounding Leinart and him playing in LA for a couple year with one of the best college teams ever he's always had a knack for making the news.

You pay $1000 to be in a group that will include 1 celebrity. That's where this gets interesting because Matt is known for having a lot of "talent" in his group of friends. I don't think there is a definiative list of participants at this point but here a couple pictures to show what Leinart can bring to a party. Oh- and the money goes to helping kids... so really you're doing something good.

Tourney Info

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falcon50driver says:
Definitely !
karvoload says:
what a dink
kidputter says:
Am I THAT far out of the loop? I didn't recognize ANY of the Celebsexcept FONZIE. $3000 per foursome should bring in some bigger names than Henry Winkler.
ellisanders says:
The guy had Reggie Bush to hand the ball off to, Williams to throw to, and a defense that could stop a semi. Hell, a retarded monkey with 10 thumbs could have won at USC with that team. What a waste of oxygen this guy is.
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