(I don't think this is Woods)
Will Tiger Fade?
By Kickntrue on 3/18/09
I knew ones of these articles would come out after just 2 events from Tiger. Figures it would be Rick Reilly. In fairness to ESPN's Reilly it takes a pretty fair approach to this and I give him credit for actually teaching me things I didn't know about Tiger (like he's an avid spearfisherman and can hold his breathe underwater for 4 minutes).

The fact is Tiger does still have a pretty crazy long way to go to pass Jack's record of 18 majors, but because it's Tiger we give him some sort of "easy button gimmie pass" or something.

To get five more major golf championships Tiger would, from this point on, have to have a better "total career" than these following golfers:

Raymond Floyd -4
Tom Morris Jr and Sr -4
Bobby Locke -4
Phil Mickelson -3
Vijay Singh- 3
Hale Irwin -3
Ernie Els -3
Larry Nelson -3
Payne Stewart -3

... just to name a few. I think he'll do it- because he IS Tiger Woods, but when you really break it down... it's still crazy.

The one part of the article that is pretty "cheap" is trying to declare Tiger's comeback so far a bust. Last time I checked over half the field loses in the first round of the WGC- Accenture Match Play Championship so by winning Tiger was ahead of the field. Also- he finished 9th at Doral. There are people who measure complete success by counting top 10's. I'm pretty sure 9th is pretty good for his second event back, even if he was a "nonfactor."

Rick Reilly- ESPN
Major Winners

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player says:
how many majors does tiger have?
Kickntrue says:
Rpoole11 says:
A few weeks ago it was Phil who was washed up.
ToddRobb says:
A snail gets robbed by two turtles, the police show up and ask the the snail what happened, the snail says, "I don't know, it all happened so fast".

It's all about your perspective...

Raymond Floyd winning four majors in his career is light years away from Tiger having the ability to win four majors every year. If Tiger was anyone else, they would already be talking about comeback player of the year just from the two tournaments he's been in. I say he'll beat Jack's record no later than the end of next year( 2 or 3 this year, 2 or 3 next year).
ayparekh says:
Ive seen a lot of coverage of Tiger these 2 weeks. Also caught a little of the TRAVISTOCK Cup. His iron play is already the same (if not better) than 1/2 the field. His putting, Im sure is below what his acceptance level is but once he gets that going....watch out!
dbigs44 says:
Please. Rick Reilly gets paid to be a contrarian. Didn't Johnny Miller already predict Tiger's demise? Something about the fact that his body was falling apart at 30? This was around the time of the two year dry spell. Well, he was wrong and so Reilly will be too. While I don't agree with ToddRobb on how quick, it's going to happen. My thought is 2011. I wouldn't expect him to win more than 1 this year. (British or PGA) Then again, I don't claim to be as smart as Reilly thinks he is.
player says:
wait if he has 14 majors and he needs 18, doesn`t he really need only 4?
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