Tiger Turns Down Jessica Simpson
By Kickntrue on 3/19/09
Pop star [sic] Jessica Simpson is getting serious about golf to impress beau Tony Romo. She asked Tiger for lessons but he turned her down.

Good call Tiger.

Not many people can go home to someone hotter than Jessica Simpson (used to be) but this is certainly something he didn't need to waste his time with.

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ToddRobb says:
For her to even ask shows you how clueless she really is. Did she really think he would say yes???
whomsley says:
"Used to be" are the operative words there.
ayparekh says:
Cant her agents do anything that at least gives the people an illusion that she's smarter than her looks. I'm just LMAO at this....ohhh that made my day. Thanks for posting this.
GolfSmith7 says:
Can anyone say the Hank Haney show II?
golfgirl says:
Seriously, that would make an amazing Hank Haney show...Teaching a beginning Jessica...it would be awesome. But "used to be" or not, Golf Channel probably couldn't afford her. :o(
ToddRobb says:
Afford her??? She should be paying them to do the show for her!!!
svj says:
is it the 20 pounds lighter jessica?? hell, it wouldn't matter to me, but i'm also not tiger woods...
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